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About Us


Adventure Center Pakistan (ACP) is an Adventure Travel company specializing in Trekking and Adventure Tours in Pakistan, based in Gilgit, the Himalayan capital of Pakistan, and a renowned mountain destination on the junction of the Karakoram, Hindukush, and Himalayan ranges.


Our history

Who are we?

Established in 1994, Adventure Center Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd is a registered company with the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan and the Department of Tourism Services Bearing license no (ID-2231). Adventure Center Pakistan has been operating incoming tours, adventures, trekking, summits, Trophy hunting, and other outdoor activities and services to inbound tourists for more than two decades. Adventure Center Pakistan, also known as ACP, has made its name in the domestic and international tourism industry for its excellent services to its clients. Adventure Center Pakistan is a licensed travel agency, which is well-rehearsed in Travel and Tourism pursuits through modern transportation, traveling equipment, professional guides, best hotels, and fine restaurants.



Ikram M. Beg, the Managing Director and founder of Adventure Center Pakistan, belongs to a former state of Hunza and hails from the Baigs family. The latter was the prime Ministers of the kingdom of Hunza State. Mr. Beg received his early education in Karachi and is a graduate of Education Foundation Science College and later studied the German Language at the National University of Modern Languages. Beg is Fond of sports; he participated in the athletic championships during his college times. He began his career as a Mountain guide in 1981 and trekked widely in the mountains of Karakorum, Hindukush, and the Himalayas. He has vast experience in travel and tourism in Pakistan. Mr. Beg has a uniquely personal style of organizing and leading tours and treks. His enthusiasm and humorous anecdotes and his love for Travel Pakistan all make a trip with him a rewarding and life memorable experience.

Opting ACP

How can we benefit you?

Through research and innovation in provisions of services, we have remained adaptive to the ongoing changes in the tourism industry. The selection of exciting destinations and the hunt for new outdoor recreational events for our customers have made us vibrant among our competitors. We highly held prestige in our experience, services with full details, international exposure, and customer value.

Its pioneering in applying many novelties and fresh ideas in Pakistan at organizing and handling inbound tourist traffic and professionalism has always been our establishment’s most essential characteristic. A traveler is a person who expects a high level of service, is more sophisticated and demanding, and less patient and forgiving concerning all aspects of his travel arrangements. Such a traveler wants a travel office that will provide him with the most cost-effective combination and present a high level of professional solutions adjusted to his unique needs in real-time.



Having backed up with a database of more than twenty years in the tourism industry, we are fluent in minor to significant details of organizing tours, travels, summits, and exciting outdoor events. Our research team also remains active throughout the cycle in getting customer reviews and market changes that help maintain our status as the average travel consultant. We Adventure Center Pakistan successfully identifies these needs and takes great care to regularly update all the latest developments and changes in the business travel industry worldwide. As you unfold the treasures that we offer you, you will see that Adventure Center is not just another tour operator but is a full-service agency that complies with each one of your demands. Our experience, knowledge, and endless enthusiasm enable us to provide your customers with the most comfortable, exciting, and memorable trip to Pakistan.

  • Service: We value every detail of our arrangements based on professional customer-oriented service delivery. From the time a customer inquiry about a trip to the departure, our consultants, with their email capabilities, make sure to provide all information with exclusive customer responsiveness.
  • International Representation: We have remained a prominent participant in Pakistan promoting our brand and destinations at various international Tourism fairs and shows.
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What can we do?

Incoming Services

  • Individual and groups travel arrangements.
  • Private tours, tailor-made itineraries (Individuals and Groups).
  • Combined City packages for over 100 hotels in major cities.
  • Trekking, Mountaineering, Culture Tours, special interest tours.
  • Honeymoon, Family tours, etc.
  • Trophy Hunting.

Incentives And Congresses

HOTEL HB/ FB & BB Hotel reservations throughout Pakistan.

Round Trip Tours

In addition to these tours’ mini-tours, custom-designed programs
3-5-7-10-15-20-30 days country tours handling of chain groups, guide services may also be offered to the customers in case of demand. We may also provide special programs such as Trekking, Rafting, Hunting, and Religious itineraries. Should you desire, we might provide folk dance shows to your particular interest groups or any complimentary offers.
No one offers you Pakistan like Adventure Center Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. A unique Travel agency that offers Professionalism and customer service first. Being in business for more than twenty years, we know that your vacation is not only time off from work but also the time that you cherish. Should you wish to receive further detailed itineraries, please do not hesitate to contact us at

[email protected] or [email protected]

Our affiliation

Adventure Center Pakistan is a member of the Pakistan Association of Tour operators (PATO) and the Gilgit Baltistan Tour operators Association (GBATO); both are considered significant stakeholders in policy advice on tourism.